11 Benefits to Self Producing

25 Apr

Though I am an actor, I have learned that there are many reasons to try on ALL hats. One of the most important hats of all: Producer.


  1. it’s a confidence builder: if you can produce a play/webseries/film etc then you can do anything
  2. you learn SO much being on the other side that can become valuable tools/skills you can apply to your acting career
  3. learning important life skills: time management, effective verbal communication, effective written communication, assertiveness, assuredness, organization, negotiation, etc
  4. you become a better actor (you get to watch the entire process of the actors in your play or film, different actors = different processes)
  5. learn the ins and outs of submissions and benefit from others’ mistakes
  6. learn to be a better auditioner by being on the other side of things
  7. you become a more grateful and appreciative actor (no more last minute comp requests to your already stressed-out producer, or no more schedule changes to an already challenging film schedule)
  8. the people you meet and the connections you make
  9. getting your SAG card
  10. ensuring your face shows up on at least one film festival big screen and not in the hard drive of yet another empty-promises producer/director
  11. bragging rights: Wanna come see my show? I literally made it happen.