Carter Thor Studio

12417 Ventura Ct
Studio City, CA 91604-2417
(818) 760-9426

All classes @ $260/mo

The Carter Thor Studio, is divided into two classes: Alice Carter’s intro class and Alice’s or Cameron Thor’s advanced class. The studio is not based on any book or specialized theory, rather it focuses on script analysis. You learn the basic tools goal, action, obstacle, inner object, substitution (triggers), inner monologue, doings, place, fourth wall, previous circumstance, and playable action. (These are similar to Ivana Chubuck’s teachings) The studio focuses on film acting, and though they will occasionally use plays, they will usually assign scenes from movies.

The structure of the class works like this: you are assigned a scene and scene partner, spend the week rehearsing and then present the scene in class without interruption. Then you receive notes and observations, which you work on during your next week of rehearsing outside of class. During your second work in class, the teacher will stop and start the scene as needed.

Carter Thor has always had a long waiting list, as this studio is very popular. You begin by auditing a class for $30 (appt only) and then meet with Cameron to discuss your goals as an actor. If you decide to study at the studio you are put on a waiting list and are called when space becomes available.

This was the first acting studio I studied at in LA. I absolutely loved my time here and found the learning environment incredibly safe, inspiring and challenging. Cameron is unusually insightful and a powerful speaker. You can get just as much from an audit as you can from getting up on stage. Though the waiting list can seem daunting, I encourage you to stick it out, auditing until you can get into a class. However, that’s just my opinion! You must find the studio that’s right for you, and the best way to do this is by auditing.


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