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Always Want More

25 Feb

There’s so much swimming through my mind…

Passion. Endurance. Desire. Persistence. Resistance.

A lot has gone on these past few months. Kind of all over the place, but also kind of related: grad school for literature and film, teaching theater and journalism, and all while keeping one toe in the pool of acting. But as these days and months go on it’s becoming clearer and clearer that the toe just isn’t enough! I’m always hungry for more. My memory isn’t so awful not to recall that when I did have more time to dedicate to my career I was still wanting more. More auditions. More plays. More work. More quality of work. More, more, more! And I guess that hunger is a good thing. I suppose that’s proof I’m following the right career. Last weekend’s Brown & Out performance left me on a high. The mere two hour shoot I did on a fun little comedy short my friend wrote made my weekend. Watching a friend perform an outstanding show, and then talking about it, got me inspired and motivated. I want more of all of this. It’s up to me to get it.

So I’m putting things in motion… planting more seeds… and hopefully there will be MORE.

I’m trying to keep a positive outlook. Chalking it all up to experience. All that I do (not just the acting stuff) are great experiences. Who knows where any of them will lead. I just need to trust. That’s the magic of life, right?