Casting Director Workshop


$9.95/month membership, $19-33/workshop

Reel PROs is a membership organization, which specializes in cold-reading casting director workshops. Each workshop is about 2 1/2 hours long. You are given a scene, by the casting director, with limited time to rehearse, that you perform. Afterwards, there is feedback, redirect and a Q & A with the casting director, producer or director who is conducting the workshop that day.

act now!

Act now is also a membership organization, offering various networking services for actors. They have monthly casting director workshops, which usually run 2-6 weeks, and cover commercials, soap operas, comedy and more.

Actor’s Ed


What’s great about Actor’s Ed workshops is that all invited casting directors are currently working on a project and actively casting. It’s also little commitment because the workshop is a one-night only event.

The Actors Key 

$12/year membership, apx $40/workshop

Another membership organization, offering workshops with Casting Directors (mostly) and the occasional manger or agent. According to their site, all sessions follow the same basic format (unless otherwise noted): Teacher reviews their personal background in the show business industry, discusses the process involved in succeeding as an actor, conducts general Q&A from students, one-on-one conference regarding headshot, resume and scene, student performs their previously chosen and prepared scene, teacher fills out an evaluation (on performance, headshot, resume).

One on One Productions 

Membership organization where actors are accepted based on their audition. Once accepted, members have access to a database of Casting Director and Agency workshops, which they pay for as they go.