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The Real Deal on The Demo Reel

26 Mar

I’m in the beginning stages of putting together my new and improved demo reel, so Bonnie Gillespie’s latest post in her 5-part critiquing series proved very helpful. I’m glad it went up while I’m putting my reel together and not after!

See her critiques here.

Actors Resume, Headshot and Website as Marketing Tools

9 Mar

One of my fave actor-friendly bloggers, Bonnie Gillespie, has embarked on a 5-week Critiquing series on her weekly column, The Actors Voice. She opened her email inbox to headshots, resumes and websites from the everyday actor to get critiqued on her column. The main theme of her critiques is that your resume, headshot and website are all marketing tools, first and foremost.

Here is a link to her in-depth actors resume critiques.

Here is a link to her headshots critiques.

Here is a link to all of her old posts, which cover resumes, headshots, cover letters, demo reels and websites.

She’ll be having more posts in the Mondays to come…

Helpful Twitters for the LA Actor

4 Mar

Another great aspect of social media is that there are so many wonderful little morsels of useful information to help our careers. One of the great resources is Twitter. Here are cool people to follow and twitter lists to check out for info on auditions, career advice, inspiration and more…














Keeping it Real

16 Feb

Last Friday, Feb 12th, marked the premiere of the webseries “The REAL Girl’s Guide to Everything Else“. Produced by my friend’s production team, it makes me feel so good, inspired, motivated and proud to see talented actors making it happen within my circle of artists. And not only that, but making strong parts for women. As a female actor in this town, it can get discouraging  having audition after audition for weak female roles. Or scrolling through the casting sites and only seeing “nudity required”. Or looking at character breakdowns and no matter what the part entails, at the end of the description something to the effect of “and sexy”.

The Real Girl’s premiere episode, “Love, Lunch and a BOGO Sale”, proved that this series is going to be fun, smart and entertaining. I will admit, I’m a sucker for anything created by a friend… but so what. I’m not pretending to be objective here. In my most humble opinion, I believe it was evidently well-produced, acted and written- enough that in just a mere 5 1/2 minutes I was enticed to watch more. I can’t wait for episode 2.

This is the cool thing about the direction the entertainment industry has been heading as of late- it’s getting easier and easier for self-producd works. Casting Director Bonnie Gillespie talks about this all the time in her blog, and encourages self-producing actors with her “Self-Produced Clip of the Week”… which, by the way, featured another friend of mine just last week!