Theatre Companies

There are so many theatre companies in LA, I don’t even think it’s possible to keep track of them all. They vary in size, reputation, maturity and required commitment level. But one of the basic differences is whether or not you have to “pay to play”. I have divided up the LA theatre companies I’m aware of by Dues and Non-Dues paying companies. Be aware that some straddle this line by having the option to put in hours instead of money, and thereby enlisting themselves as a non-dues company.

Dues-Paying Companies

3KO Broadway Theatre Company

Theatre Unleashed

Hollywood Fight Club

Underground Theatre Company

Ark Theatre Company

Open Fist Theatre Company

The Road Theatre Company

Non-Dues Paying Companies

Theatre of NOTE

Sacred Fools

The Actors Gang

The Colony Theatre Company

Berubians Theatre Company

City Garage

hereandnow theatre company






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