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Not Another Dead Blog

17 May

You totally thought this was just another blog corpse rotting away on the world wide web, didn’t you? Well, my faithful readers (yeah, all 3 of you!) I’m here to assure you that it is not. I simply needed a break. Well, really, I didn’t have any time! Producing ShortLived has taken over my life. Usually, the busier I am, the more productive I am. But with ShortLived I have somehow lost the ability to multitask! Not good. As actors that is like the most valuable skill we can have! Forget acting ability or memorizing lines. No, multi-tasking is the best skill to master! Why? Because we are our own boss, our own employee and in many cases our own agent, manager, etc. Even if we do have those things no one cares more about your career than YOU! So, that means… you need to be able to produce your own work, but not lose sight of submitting your own auditions, and not forgetting to finish your own script, and not neglecting those networking events, and not letting your reel outdate itself and not letting your headshots and business cards gather dust. That’s right, there is work to do! ALWAYS.

And let’s not forget other aspects of your life. Afterall you cant miss out on friends and fun and relaaaaxation. Those three have kind’ve been missing (which isn’t to say I haven’t been having a blast doing ShortLived, cuz I have!) and I’m tired of my own excuse “been so busy!” I’m going to work hard on keeping more of a balance…

Guest Post on Diversity at Note: Color Confusion

23 Feb

Another blog about a blog I blog…  This one was started by a fellow actor/producer/rock star NOTEr and it’s all about diversity in the LA theater world. It’s still young, but growing. I think it deals with important issues not only in the theater community, but in the acting community at large. I talk about some of these things in my first post on this brand spanking new blog.

Here’s a sample:

I am a half Japanese, quarter Irish, quarter Hungarian Jewish female actor born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.

But to most people I look Mexican. (And to confuse things even further, my born and bred Japanese mother currently resides in Mexico… but that’s a whole other story.) After that, the ethnicities I usually get are Filipino and Native American. I can speak speak Spanish and Japanese conversationally, but I’m American and my native language is English. So, in the world of casting, where does that leave me?…”

You can read the full post on Diversity at Note.

One Month and Counting!

1 Feb

I did it! It’s been one whole month of daily blog posts and it feels good. Not only that, but I’ve reached over 1,000 views in that short amount of time and I hope to keep growing that readership this month. Help me by spreading the word! Tell me what you want to see more of on here. What you want to see less of. Ideas you have. Anything at all!

Either comment here or email at scenepartner@gmail.com!