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Patience Continues to Pay Off

7 Apr

I guess this week has inadvertently become about hard work paying off. First it was the NY Times article, second it was my webisode debuting and today I’d like to mention an awesome write up on my sister’s band, who I’ve talked about here before. Over the weekend her band was featured in the Monterey County Weekly with a really well-written review about Harlequin Baby. My sis was even pointed out by the writer when he was commenting on her voice as “breathy vocals cut like a serrated knife”. I am so proud! Her and her friends just started out doing what they love because they love it. And slowly but surely they grew… to their first print article!

Making it Happen, Another Example

28 Jan

One of my best girlfriends from high school is a fellow artist and dream-career  pursuer… Though she has many other talents, her passion is music and that is what she’s been after full-force recently. I love seeing the people around me alsogoing after what they want. It’s really awesome to see the progression, from messing around in their living room with a keyboard and some drums to a full-fledged band. From performing a few times a year, to performing multiple times a month. Well this is the case with my friend and two of the bands she is in, The Marietta James and Peppermint Wolf. One of those awesome bands happens to be playing tonight at Silverlake Lounge. Check It Out!

Peppermint Wolf @ Silverlake Lounge @ 11:45PM




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Moving Forward: Harlequin Baby

7 Jan

I will be saying a lot over the course of this blog some variation of: Make Your Own Work, Be Proactive, Fake It ’til You Make It, Just Do It….. and so on.

Point being, to pursue a creative profession you must actually create.

A great example is my very own sister who’s had music in her blood ever since she was born. She’s still in college, but that hasn’t stopped her from making music and being heard. No, she doesn’t have an agent, a manager or a record deal but that doesn’t mean she can’t continue creating songs and performing whenever and wherever she can. She’s gone from playing for an audience of one in her room, to performing private shows in her co-op style house, to getting air time on college radio stations like UC Berkeley’s KALX and UC Santa Cruz’s KZSC.

Tonight she is taking another step forward, as she plays with her band Harlequin Baby at Adobe Books Backroom Gallery in San Francisco. If you happen to be in Nor Cal, please check out the show tonight from 7-9pm @ 3166 16th St. bw Guerrero & Valencia.