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New Webisode, Parker & Drusilla

27 Jul

The Scene Partner is documenting my journey of this crazy career we call Acting. Well, part of that journey is self-promotion! Over the weekend, episode 3 of the webseries I’m doing went up on Youtube! Check out Ep 3 Mohammad Jenkins of the webseries Parker and Drusilla:

Racially Blind Casting… or, not?

26 Jul

As a Japanese- Hungarian-Irish woman who type casts as Mexican, I am so very torn on the issue of ethnically-specific casting versus blind casting.

I think, in terms of the bigger picture, if a theater company wants to expand and diversify their membership, then perhaps ethnic characters are a good way to do that. If the play calls for ethnically specific roles, which our group cannot satisfy, then it is a perfect opportunity to reach out to a theater community who might not be as aware of our company.

But that means I can’t play the Mexican. And that is almost all I play.

Read full post here at the Diversity at NOTE blog

A Line of Dreams

12 Jul

Call me a sucker, but every time I pass by a group of hopeful young people, with dreams in their eyes, it makes me so happy and a bit choked up. I was on my way to my usual internet cafe for work and saw a huge line of kids and teens in their best dance gear and their anxious parents, holding their headshots and resumes. I looked down the line and saw excitement, fear, hope, determination, anxiety and passion. The collective energy running down this line of America’s next dance star gave me chills. It is so important to have dreams, and to give them a fair shot. I wanted every single kid in that line to make it. If not this audition, the next one and the next one. They all deserve it.

Opportunity Breeds Opportunity

11 Jul

It’s no coincidence that two amazing opportunities come my way at the very same time. I got an incredible job offer to direct budding actors in a high school Shakespeare Fall ’10 production and an audition for a beautiful and moving play, whose lead role seems like it was meant for me. I had my first interview for the job the same weekend I had the audition for the play. Both shows go up in October. And though one doesn’t necessarily mean I can’t do the other, it would be difficult. But, I haven’t signed anything for either so this is really all speculation. I could get both, I could get neither. I just found it interesting that both opportunities presented themselves at the same time and they both take place at the same time. Opportunity definitely breeds opportunity. It always feels like I’m either insanely busy juggling projects and jobs, or bored to tears bummed I have nothing going on.

Well, I hope I get both… because that could only mean MORE opportunities!