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One Fateful Audition, A Changed Life

30 May

I just got back from a long weekend– endless one might say— and feel so grateful, so lucky, so proud to be a part of such an incredible and talented group of artists. I’m fresh off a three-day weekend with these awesome people, high off three nights of performing and very sleep deprived, so I’m feeling particularly mushy, just forewarning you!

I think back to exactly four years ago in May when, on a whim, I responded to a Craigslist posting for auditions for a new play by a new company I’d never heard of led by two young dudes I’d never heard of in a theater I’d never heard of (that was so inconspicuous I almost missed the audition entirely because I could not find the building– how different my life would be had I given up and gone home that windy night in San Francisco). I’d never heard of the company because it didn’t exist until that very play. I’d never heard of these two dudes because this was their first venture into theater making together. I had trouble finding the theater because it was on the second floor of an office building with no signs. But I went anyway, got cast and did the play anyway. Somewhere inside me I trusted this was a good decision. I trusted these guys, this show, this “company” despite all the reasons on the surface not to (producer/directors with no credits, a nondescript theater on a shady corner of downtown SF, etc) But when I walked into that black box theater on Sunday June 3, 2007 that first rehearsal, looking at the rows of blue cushioned seats, the fake brick wall of a previous show’s set, a stack of neatly bound scripts next to these two dudes I’ve illogically decided to trust with the next month and a half of my summer, I distinctly remember feeling so… happy.

I had just put my acting on hold while finishing college that I was in desperate need to be in a room just like that. I felt like I belonged. It felt right. I knew. And now, four years later, I look back to that moment I decided to follow my instincts and trust and I realize that that one action yielded so much, which has enriched my life in so many ways it can make me cry just thinking about it now: staring in literally dozens of plays, producing my own work for the first time, producing and developing new work for the stage, the web, a blog, film, directing for the first time, writing sketch comedy (something I never thought I could do), an incredible boyfriend, leading my own LA theater company with him and friends who are like family.

Happy Valentines Day

14 Feb


is the romantic comedy I produced for PianoFight and it’s running right now. Self-promotion time: it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day, it’s an original play, and it’ll make you laugh and tug at your heart strings. SLUMPBUSTER plays Thursdays & Sundays at 8PM at Asylum Lab (1078 Lilian Way). Tickets are $20 online or at the door BUT just $15 with code “WRIGLEY”

My producing partner, the director and I all worked out asses off getting this play up and running and after this opening weekend I am even more proud of it. It’s a fine bunch of actors we assembled.

Guest Post on LA Stage Blog: PianoFight Secures Its Position in LA Theater

4 Oct

When I first joined PianoFight in San Francisco three and a half years ago I never knew it would grow to the point where it is now. I never knew my involvement in a quirky original little play would grow into a position where I’m spearheading the company’s SoCal expansion.

Come to think of it, why do any of us artists get involved in the projects we do? Is it because we know in X amount of time it will pay us lots of money? Is it because it will make us famous? Is it because we know it will eventually lead to a position of power or creative control?

Well, maybe sometimes but for the most, no it’s not. Hindsight is 20/20 and in the moment all we have is our burning passion to drive us. And oh the places you can go… (read full post here on LA Stage Blog)

Patience is a Virtue

5 Apr

Many people come to Los Angeles thinking, I’ll give it a year then pack my things and go home. But it doesn’t work that way. Atleast, I don’t think it does. If you’re in it- you’re in it for the long haul. That’s what committing to this lovely passion means. That’s what passion means. Three years ago I took a leap of faith and did a play with a theater group that only came into existence with that very play. It was their debut production. This little theater group is now a full blown production company, with which I produce, direct and act in original material. Not to mention they are also some of my best friends. Well, this past weekend was an amazing couple of days for my little group. Not only did we have sold out crowds for the opening of our hit show, ShortLived, in both SF and LA, we also gained a mention in THE NEW YORK TIMES. We were all so excited. Our little company, that can get excited by a mere mention in the East Bay Express got featured in the Arts section of the NY Times! Well, that leap of faith paid off.