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Baby Steps Add Up

21 Feb

This career is all about the baby steps. I really do think slow and steady wins the race (even though that’s not what the media likes to tell us). Sure the hare will sometimes get there before you, but I think more often than not it’s the tortoise that wins out in the end.

It’s tough though, because there aren’t a lot of markers to mark your progress. That’s why you have to get creative and constantly remind yourself or write down what you’ve accomplished, the many ways you are in fact steps ahead than you were a year ago.

Often it can feel like its two steps forward one step back. And maybe it is. This career is a roller coaster after all. There are days I want to ball my eyes out, get a “normal” job, pay off my debt and save money and buy a house and do the “normal” thing. And then there are days (there are more of these kinds of days) where I am high off life because I’m going after my dream, doing what I want to do even if I’m broke and have no signs of a next paycheck.

Some days it’s a lot easier to see where these steps are leading you and today was one of those days where I got to see the fruits of my labor, the direction I’m heading, how all those baby steps have been adding up: I got my official letter that I am now eligible to join SAG! I almost cried holding that letter in my hand. One of my goals for 2011 was to get that letter and little did I know how soon I’d get it! It made me feel so good. It made me feel this isn’t all for naught.

Working the Web: New Media makes Producing and Sharing New Content Easier

6 Apr

I’ve been working on this fun little project called “Parker and Drusilla” for the past couple months. Finally, our hard work (actually not hard work at all, it’s been loads of fun) has paid off and we’ve debuted our first episode! What’s great about the web is that I can share this with you instantly. It’s short and sweet and will hopefully make you chuckle. Check it out! Comment, Share and Rate it please. If enough of you do so then we’ll post more and more… and who knows, if I’m patient enough, maybe this will pay off in some way, shape or form too!

Keeping the Ball Rolling…

24 Feb

Yesterday felt very productive.

I spent the afternoon with a brainstorming creative writing session with my friend and fellow actor. We whipped out three rough drafts of scripts in about two hours and, might I add, they’re pretty funny. It felt good following through on a commitment we had made to each other- to make a webseries in order to obtain our SAG eligibility. (If all goes as planned, I’ll share exactly how we did it!)

First thing’s first, which was coming up with the ideas. So, last week we met for lunch to come up with a sort of game plan. Then we set a date to actually sit down and write. After a couple cancellations, we finally met yesterday, keeping the ball rolling and not letting our project lose steam. I can’t tell you how many ideas I’ve had with friends, fellow aspiring directors/producers/actors, which disappeared as quickly as they arrived. But, that’s okay… because one day one of those millions of moments of inspiration will actually materialize. The trick is, to never stop having these ideas, to never stop creating even if your last 998 ideas withered away to die…. it’s that 999th one that just may be the hit!

Then later on that day, I spent the evening at a webseries launch/networking/charity event in West Hollywood watching the smart, witty, entertaining, feminist, funny work of my peers. This made me feel good. This day made me feel good. I felt motivated. It’s like the feeling I get after going to a really awesome art opening– all I want to do is go home and paint! It’s like I get this burst of creative energy and I just have to make something. But if I never go to an art opening or a museum or a gallery then that creative fire dims and I could go months or, dare I say it, years without making a single work of art, another great passion of mine. This is exactly why it is so important to go to screenings, film festivals, workshops, networking events… to keep that fire burning bright! This is your dream after all, let’s make it come true!