Getting Out of Your Head

29 Mar

Yesterday I filmed some more scenes for an upcoming webseries. If it were any other day I would’ve been really excited about it, thinking about what to wear, my scenes, etc. But this weekend and this past week in general have been SO busy and I’ve been So exhausted. This Friday the show I’ve been working on and producing for the past month and a half opens! Kinda crazy. Anyway, by the time I got to shooting Sunday I was a stress case– having just come off an 11AM show at Theatre of NOTE and about to go to my tech rehearsal for ShortLived at the Asylum. Not to mention I was going off like 5 hours sleep because I was up all night the night before trying to memorize my lines for the scenes last minute.

I don’t recommend this as a method, per say. But, the level of exhaustion and stress actually contributed to me being very much IN the moment during the filming. I was too tired to be second guessing choices or being all in my head about beating myself up over a flub of a line or anything. I was just IN it.

Key is to be able to do this with a sufficient amount of sleep and no stress, too, of course. But I thought it was really interesting that being in that tired out of my mind state, my acting improved because I was, in fact, out of my head.