Casting Sites

There are many Casting Sites out there in the World Wide Web. But the only ones you really need to know about are the ones listed below:

LA Casting


LA Casting is an online casting service used both by agents and actors with or without agents, union or non union. It leans more towards Commercial auditions, but will have the occasional film or TV project posted. Unfortunately, it costs $25 for each additional photo (unless you add them all at once, then it costs $10 per photo) and $50 to update your “Premiere Photo”.

Actors Access

$68/yr (unlimited submissions) 0r $2/submission

Actors Access is an online casting service, which tends to lean towards theatrical casting notices. This is great for both union and non-union independent features, shorts, webseries and plays. I recommend the annual membership, to save money. You will be using it enough to make it worth your while.

NOW Casting


Now Casting tends to lean towards lower budget to no budget projects, student films and shorts. What’s nice about this submission service is that you can post up to 6 photos within your $10/mo membership, at no extra cost.

Other Sites Worth Checking Out $135-195/yr (depends on the kind of subscription)
Casting Frontier: $6-10/month (depends on the kind of profile you get)
Mandy’s List: free (but not many acting gigs)

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