New to LA? Looking for a little area to call your home? LA’s definitely spread out and that can be overwhelming. Here’s a basic rundown on some of the major areas:


It used to be one of the more ignored parts of LA, and now it’s bustling with new apartment complexes, art galleries, restaurants and music venues. The revitalization of Downtown LA is in full effect.

Los Feliz/ Silverlake/ Echo Park

Each of these three areas have their subtle differences, but for the most part they can be grouped together as the eclectic, artsy community of LA. Just east of Hollywood, it’s filled with cafes, vintage stores and live music venues.


Probably one of the most talked about areas of LA since it’s the one with it’s own sign. Hollywood can still be a little rundown, depending on the area. In the center of it all are nightclubs, trendy restaurants and bars. At the fringe, however, are quieter areas with the conveniences of markets, shops and cafes just blocks away.

West Hollywood

Bordering Hollywood and Beverly Hills, the heart of this neighborhood centers around Santa Monica Blvd, which is lined with bars, lounges and restaurants.  This neighborhood is also very active in the LGBT community and is famous for it’s annual Halloween parade.


Venice is best known for it’s beach and colorful boardwalk, lined with street vendors, artists and street performers. But there is more to this beach community than its tourist destinations. Venice has a vibrant arts scene, with First Thursdays along Abbot Kinney Blvd, which is also home to bars, restaurants, boutiques and yoga studios.

Santa Monica

LA’s other beach community, Santa Monica, is also known for it’s board walk and the 3rd Street Promenade, an outdoor shopping area that spans four city blocks. With it’s close proximity to the beach, this neighborhood has a laid back-vibe, is bicycle-friendly and very environmentally active.

Sherman Oaks/ Studio City

These two neighborhoods are right next to each other in the San Fernando Valley. Despite being on the other side of the hill, they are just a short drive away from Hollywood– either over Laurel Canyon or on the 101 freeway. Though suburbs of LA and home to many families, young aspiring actors are attracted to the area for it’s slightly cheaper rent and convenience.