Guest Post on Radical Parenting: Pursuing Passions

8 Feb

I wrote a blog post about the importance of pursuing our passions on the fabulous parenting blog, RadicalParenting.

Here’s a sample:

“Vanessa recently wrote a post on the top weirdest teen trend predictions for 2010. The first one is not as much weird as it is awesome! I’d never heard of it until I read this post. It’s called “Daylighting”, which means taking a day job to supplement your living from your night job. Vanessa mentions, and I agree, how daylighting switches the focus to pursuing what you really want, and really owning it. So no more downplaying the dream by saying “Well, I’m a sales associate at this store… and I kind of sing on the side.” No, you ARE a singer! And you work at a store on the side…”

You can read the full post here!

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