Your Other Art(s)

30 Apr

new project!

Painting? Singing? Dancing? Sculpting? Crafting? Writing? Drawing? Knitting? Designing? Editing? Filming? Building? Gardening?

It’s so important to nurture all of the artistic parts of you- not just the acting part. I often forget this when I get into the daily grind of: audition – part time job #1 – audition – workshop – part time job # 2 – submitting – part time job #3 – you get the picture. And yet, for me, painting was my first love. (I think had I been exposed to the stage before paint brushes, it might’ve been another story, but painting came first nonetheless). As much as I crave brush-to-canvas, I tend to forget, or fail, to factor it into my life. I’ll go weeks, months and dare I say years(?) without creating a single painting. And then something happens- I finally get myself to a gallery or an art opening, or hear a cool NPR story about some obscure artist- and I remember, “I should paint!”

last project

Fortunately, I had that moment last week and began work on a project I’ve had in my head for a very long time. It felt so good to not only get the idea out of my head and onto a canvas, but also to do something creative other than acting. Plus, I’m sure I don’t need say this, but one creative outlet feeds another. I’ve been feeling pretty crappy about the whole acting thing recently, but working on a painting – having this other creative project – really shifted my focus.

So get out there, and pick up a paint brush, pen, mic, saw, needle & thread- whatever your tool may be- and make something! Happy Monday!