Always be Acting

23 Apr

This is how I've been currently working my acting muscles- in a new production called "Central Air" at the Lyric-Hyperion Theatre in Silver Lake, CA.

Not, like, Jim Carey style and never getting out of character. I mean, always have stuff on your plate that allows you to do the one reason you’re here in LA in the first place: act! Whether that means an audition, a scene study class, improv class, on camera class, casting director workshop, theater, showcase, staged readings, read a play out loud with friends, work on a monologue, shoot a short, and the list goes on and on.

Fortunately, I’ve had lots of awesome opportunities that have made this one part of my career pretty easy. (Even though all the other parts of it have felt very difficult lately- but that’s for another post!) I’ve been in back-to-back plays since December (currently in the show Central Air). I’ve been doing casting and agency workshops at One-on-One Productions and then this weekend I’ll be checking out a new monthly audition workshop class, with working actor Aaron Craven (I’ll report back in two weeks). I’ve been lucky enough to really work those acting muscles!

So, if you feel rusty or restless because you haven’t booked a gig- go out and shoot something, read something, or sign up for something. Just ACT! =)