Even When You Make It, You Don’t Make It

10 Jun

We all know this business is tough. Yeah, and the sky is blue. Not asking for sympathy, just sayin’…

It’s hard enough to get an audition.

Then to give a GOOD audition.

Then to get a callback.

Then to give a GOOD audition, again.

Then to get the call that you got the part! (wahoo! but don’t get excited just yet…)

Then to hold on to that part. (They went a different direction, the funding fell through, no more movie.. etc)

Then to get to the actual filming of it. (but, hold on, we’re not there yet…)

And then, to get your scene, your part to be a part of the final product. (how often do scenes get left on the cutting room floor)?

And then, if you get all of that… but then for the film to actually get completed and for you to see the result of allll your heard work in getting there!

I was thinking about this after auditioning for this indie short at Film Independent a couple months ago. When I arrived there were a slew of 20-something attractive females and I thought to myself, is this worth it? I have shit to do… I had an appointment time but they were running way behind. Some girls said they’d already been waiting for over an hour. But I stuck it out, even after they handed me a brand new set of sides at the last minute when I’d already prepared the sides they had sent me when accepting the audition days prior. Finally, I was called in, did my thing and rushed to my next appointment never thinking about it again. A few days later I got a call for a callback. I was surprised and excited. There were so many girls there! Then after the callback I got the call that I got the part. Yay! An actual part in an actual film from an actual audition. I mean, c’mon, you got to celebrate these moments. And then, days even weeks went by and I didn’t hear anything more. It seemed, after all that, it wasn’t going to happen after all, for whatever reason and I felt a little crushed. Of course, as soon as I got over it, I get an email re: script revisions, table read, workshops, etc. But, it got me thinking… even when you think you’ve made it, you didn’t necessarily make it!