Good Things Come in Threes (or More)

13 Feb

I was going to write this post about three projects I have in a row, when another amazing opportunity landed in my lap– hence, “good things come in three or more”. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, opportunity breeds opportunity! This is the time that it’s really, really important I stay on my submissions, auditions, marketing, networking, etc. I can’t get lazy now no matter how exhausted I may feel (and I am! I want a vacation so badly…) because now is the time I should be doing even more!

I feel a lot of good energy in the air right now, and for good reason =): completion of the second rendition of my original screenplay with my writing partner (just over a year now we’ve been working on this) and getting ready to have a reading; release of the short I shot last year; the three projects in a row that initially inspired this post (Occupy the Heart, which is happening now; Vagina Monologues, which opens in March; and Central Air, which opens in April); and the latest opportunity that just came my way, a really awesome networking gig happening this Wednesday!

It is no coincidence that all of these things are happening at the same time. When it rains it pours. And when I find myself complaining that I have too many lines to memorize at once or having scheduling conflicts between shows and auditions, I have to stop and think to myself- that is a good problem to have! I can’t let the weeks or months pass, satisfied that I’m busy, and not continue to go after the dream. I admit, I have done that in the past… a lot. I’ll get cast in a show or a short or something, and then stop doing submissions and therefore stop auditioning for a solid month! Not good. You have to keep chugging along. And I’m chugging! I’ve been working hard on my target agency lists, finally signed up for a CD workshop and actually making and meeting my bi-monthly goals from this awesome artist-check-in group I am a part of. And it’s only February! Yessss. This is the year I’m going to squash that fear. This is the year…