Back to School

12 Sep

I blame it on the heat. Ok, so the heat wave is over but it was really, really hot, and that heat was not conducive to staring at a computer screen, indoors, with no airconditioning, more than I already have to with all my side jobs that actually pay the rent. Alright, fine. I procrastinated. Monday came and went without a post. The truth comes out.

Anyway, with the heat wave gone, Memorial Day past, Halloween stores popping up, it’s very clear that back-to-school time is in full swing. Not that I’m in school, or have been for a while. But this time marker is in my mind for two reasons:

1. One of my rent jobs is teaching and directing highschool theater. All of a sudden there are show posters to design, writing assignments to assign and rehearsals to conduct. In fact, today is the first day of school.

2. I’m applying to grad school. Yup. It’s a terrifying prospect. I’m not exactly sure why. But it’s something I have thought about a lot over the last two years so I finally signed up for the GREs, began writing cover letters to past professors, and going through all the motions to get my applications together. Why the hell are you applying to grad school, you might ask, and for English no less. Are you giving up the dream?? Are you quitting acting?! Calm down. (This is more me talking to myself, really) I’m not. I feel it’s dangerous to make acting the only part of the picture. You only get one life and there’s a lot I’d like to experience in it. I don’t want acting to get in the way. I want to be open to the other inklings that I get in my gut, which draw me one way or another.  School was always one of those. Call me crazy, but I like school. I’m exploring that path. I may not get in. After all, I’m only applying to schools in the LA area– remember, I’m not giving up on acting. But it’s worth a shot!

I think of back to school and fall and I think of another opportunity for new beginnings. An excuse for a clean slate, a starting point. So I’m using this time to not only start a new semester of teaching and to try out for a new adventure (grad school), but also to dive into my other ventures with a renewed vigor.  So. Fall 2011- bring it!