Articles on Auditioning, Anna Faris, the Anti-It Girl and More

8 Aug

Last summer, around this time, I put up an article roundup of stuff I’d come across on the web that struck a chord. Here’s another list of interesting articles relating to being an actor, comedian, writer and on the state of LA theater:

No Talent Beyond This Point

From the Huffington Post, a humorous, and sometimes kind of sad, look at how we treat our actors in the US. If you’ve been to any audition you’ll relate.

And I Should Know

From NY Mag, Roseanne Barr’s awesomely honest look into the lack of change in the industry. We all know how nasty it can get behind the scenes, but she really puts things into perspective.

Funny Like A Guy

How awesomely funny Anna Faris is and the overarching problem Hollywood has with female-driven comedies (let alone, mainstream films!)

Tough, Cold, Terse, Taciturn and Prone to Not Saying Goodbye When They Hang Up the Phone

What does the “strong” really mean in the currently trendy phrase of “strong female character”?

A Real Theatre Community?

KCRW podcast of Anthony Byrnes “Opening the Curtain” segment on the recent surge of theater in LA (with Radar LA:, the national TCG conference, the 2nd annual Hollywood Fringe Fest…) Who says LA aint a theater town?! Not me!

Hollywood’s Anti-It Girl

Brit Marling, 27 year old actor-screenwriter, debuts not one, but two, of her films at Sundance. I always say “make your own work” but it is so damn inspiring to read about it. She made her own work and made it work.

How to Steal Like An Artist

I’m sure most of you have already come across this, but it is such a gem and so relevant to an artist in any medium that it’s worth sharing again. I wish I had this printed out and posted on my bedroom wall. Good reminders and great advice for the artist.