On Theater, DIY and the Perpetual Young Adult

26 Aug

Here are some interesting articles that have been floating around the web lately. I find they relate to my current situation of figuring out what I want to do within the realm of acting/theater/film and the importance of it all to me.

Wherefore Theater? Why Is the Ancient Art Still Here?

NY Times article on why theater is still relevant today amidst the Youtube-saturated culture we now live in.

D.I.Y. Music Labels Embrace D.I.Y. Film

NY Times article on how DIY music labels have branched out to DIY films, making filmmaking even more accessible to the low-budge production teams.

What Is It About 20-Somethings?

A really interesting (albeit long) article about the scariness/excitedness/craziness that is the 20s and the recent shifting timetable for adulthood.

Why Hipsters Will Save Theater: Cherrywood

Going along with the topic of these crazy, excited and uncertain 20-somethings, this Huffington Post article discusses how this generation of hipsters can save the dying art form.

Dialogue: Critics Charles McNulty and Steven Leigh Morris discuss the state of L.A.’s small theaters

LA Times article on the changing atmosphere of LA theater from showcase for the actor’s sake to true story telling for the artist’s sake.