8 Reasons to do Theater

9 May

1. work those acting muscles (especially if you’re not in class/ can’t afford it, it’s a good opportunity to keep you on your toes. lack of practice can get you rusty)

2. who you meet (fellow cast members may be producing their own stuff, the director may invite you for another project, the producer, the stage manager, etc etc, you never know!)

3. exposure (you can invite agents and casting directors; get impressive press quotes for your website or resume)

4. looks good on the resume (shows you are currently active in the acting community, keeping busy)

5. opportunity breeds opportunity (you seriously never know where the next opportunity will come from. I had auditioned for a play at East West Players and a few weeks later it garnered me an audition for CSI! one opportunity led to another)

6. nothing else like it. (there’s nothing like living, breathing a character for a full two hours on stage. no camera angles to change. no re-takes. it’s do or die and that’s pretty damn exciting.)

7. community (anyone who’s done a play knows, that by the end of it you’re like a family… a dysfunctional one maybe, but a loving family nonetheless. some of my favorite people in the world came from a play i did. these relationships are invaluable, especially on this rocky road to Career Actor)

8. because it’s fun!!!! acting is why we are all here, right? so take it in in all forms!