What Else?!?

19 Mar

Ever have that nagging, restless, unsatisfied feeling where you’re just sitting in your living room by yourself, having just closed your lap top, tapping your fingers on the sidetable (not coffee table, cuz you still can’t afford one) not knowing what to do with yourself? Well, I did, just last week.

I was up-to-date with all my submissions (submitting by the hour, sometimes even more often!), I designed my postcard, I followed up on networking emails, I signed up for all applicable upcoming CD workshops (within my budget- again, poor), updated my CD target list with all pertinent info, researched new TV shows that might be right for my type, worked on memorizing my script for an upcoming play I’m in, did some character work for the play, met with my writing partner for a final round of edits on our screenplay, read some actor blogs… and… and… what else? What else can I do???

Of course I know an actor’s work is never done. That’s the cool/annoying thing about this career, there is always something you can be doing. But, what? I found myself at a standstill, not being able to think of anything, not knowing what to do with myself. The real reason I was feeling so unsatisfied, as my boyfriend thoughtfully pointed out, is I  was unrealistically waiting to see the fruits of my labor– right then and there! Silly, I know, but he was right! It was this feeling of, “Okay, I’ve put all this work in, now let’s see what I get!” But I know that’s not how it works. I know that! And yet, there I was, sitting alone in my living room (subconsciously) waiting, hoping for something to happen.

Fortunately, I got over it. I had rehearsal the next day, an audition the day after, performances over the weekend… Again, I have a lot to feel grateful for. Coincidentally, I did come across two helpful posts from actor-friendly sites, which were rather timely. So, I thought I’d share:

1. What Can I Actually DO…?

I came across this as I was stumbling through actor blog posts on various topics. This topic, of course, is exactly what I’ve been talking about. I talk about many of the things on this list throughout my blog, like making your own work- something I tout often, as the blogger Ben Whitehair does throughout this list of things you can actually do.

2. How to Stay Sharp During Down Time

This one came by way of my boyfriend, as it was just too perfect to my issue that day. Dallas Travers, “actor advocate”, often gives great, concise pieces of advice. In this quick video she goes over some things you can do in the down time between gigs, to keep sane and motivated.