The 7 Month Itch

17 Mar

I have been in and out of various different acting classes since the first time I laid foot on a stage. That was exactly 10 years ago. I’ve realized, over this past decade, that I can only go a certain period of time without a class. Usually, it’s around 7 months. Then I start getting this itch to get back into a studio. The reason I don’t stay in a studio all the way through is because I usually reach a point where I feel like I’m not gaining anything. It’s like I’m not really listening anymore. I need a break. (As does my bank account!) And I think it’s good to take breaks! It’s a good reminder to not get caught up in just the studying of acting but to follow the actual pursuit of acting. Of course, it’s also good to be able to do both. Stay in class, work on your craft while simultaneously going out in the real world, auditioning, making projects of your own, doing theater, etc.

It feels about that time. I’m itching to delve into some serious scene study. However, not sure if my current schedule will allow it. I’m going to slowly look into some classes and will post what happens with that!