15 Mar

Ok, so I almost did not write a post today. But here I am, at 11:56PM writing a post because I made a secret pact with myself to do just that once a day, every day of the week. It’s a commitment I made to this blog, which is really a representation of my commitment to acting. If I have to write something every day somehow or another related to acting then I better be out there doing stuff, researching stuff to have things to write about!

This weekend felt very crazy busy and it’s looking like that pace wont change for a while. That’s why I waited ’til the last minute to write this post. But it’s a good busy because it’s rehearsals, and memorizing lines, and producing. All good stuff!

Hopefully I’ll be able to put some time aside tomorrow and write a good post.

Thank you all for reading this blog. Means a ton.