Catch 22 of Being Busy

11 Mar

When I have these lulls where nothing much is going on, no acting project in the horizon, I have all the time in the world to do all those creative things I’ve wanted to do… be it writing a script, starting a book, making a painting, working on a monologue, etc. And yet, I don’t feel like doing any of them and just lament on how I’m not busy with other stuff.

Then all of a sudden work needs more hours from me, I land a role in a play, the webseries picks up again, I’m producing a show, etc. etc. And at the same time, I get this burst of inspiration and motivation and want to finish that play I started writing or start that art project I’ve had in my mind forever and I lament on how there’s no time to do any of it because I’m so damn busy.

Well, boo hoo, right? I know. Funny how it works that way. But really, now that I think about it… it’s kind of an awesome win-win situation. When not much is going on I can enjoy that time to relax, brainstorm and think of things I want to do when I feel more motivated. And then when stuff is going on, I get that extra boost to do all those things I’ve wanted to do plus I’m busy with cool projects and work. How can that be bad?!