Welcome the Weekend

8 Jan

Phew! Well that was officially my first week of this blog! Thank you to those who have been reading. If you ever have any suggestions, please email: scenepartner@gmail.com. I’d love to hear ’em. And if you know people who would enjoy reading this blog, please pass along!

To set you off to the weekend, here are some things to do in LA:


“I Feel Different” @ Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (multi-media group exhibition which explores how art can really make us feel)


JetRag $1 Sale (tons of vintage leftovers, great treasure hunting, but got to get there super early to beat the rush)
Fairfax/Melrose Flea Market (in addition to the many vendors selling vintage and thrift clothes, accessories, artwork, furniture, etc. there’s also food and a live band)
The Lymbyc Systym @ The Fold (great indie electronic band)