ShortLived 3.0 Submissions, for Theater Groups

13 Jan


ShortLived 3.0, a playwriting competition featuring local playwrights and theater groups scored by audiences, runs every Friday and Saturday night at 8PM at The Asylum Lab, 6320 Santa Monica Blvd. (at Vine), Los Angeles and at Off-Market, 965 Mission St (between 5th and 6th), San Francisco, from April 2- June 26. Tickets are $20 at the door and online at

One group will be given one slot each round to produce a piece written, directed, and performed by that group. Only groups from the Los Angeles area and San Francisco Bay Area may submit.

If the piece wins the round it will immediately clinch a slot in the finals. At that point, the group will have the option of stopping performance of that piece until the Championship Weekend, or performing it through the run (unless it gets voted off).

If the piece does not win the round, but places in the top four, the group has the option of coming back to compete in the next round to try again for clinching a slot in the Championship Weekend. However, if the group chooses not to continue they may drop out at any time.

If the piece is scored in the bottom four at the end of the round, it will be dropped from the line-up.

To submit, please send an email including the script you wish to perform, and a little about your company with the name of your company and “Group Submission” in the subject line.

LA group submissions can be sent to

SF group submissions can be sent to

Any group with any script is welcome, so long as the piece has never been fully produced and does not run longer than 12 minutes. Groups will be chosen by PianoFight.

NOTE: Pieces should work in a black box setting, meaning a “set” will only include chairs or blocks etc. Props and tech should be fairly minimal as well, and entirely supplied by the group, not PianoFight. There is no compensation for competing, however there is also no fee to submit. Compensation will be given in the form of the Grand Prize, which will consist of one month’s worth of space in both SF and LA.