Still Speeding Along

31 Jan

I can’t stop!!!

I know a few weeks ago I said it was good to slow down, as exciting as all these projects are. But I can’t take my own advice! It’s been go-go-go ever since with finally completing the feature film, Spooks, filming every weekend for the new webseries “Ruth and Lori”, producing the full length play, Slumpbuster, for my production company PianoFight, meeting my writing partner on a weekly basis to finally come up with a feature length script, and starting rehearsals for the Spring semester Shakespeare production at the high school I teach at.


The thing is, there are still plenty of things I said I would do (non-acting career oriented) that I have not gotten around to starting. It is a balancing act, I suppose, and I’m still finding my rhythm. I do think I’m on the right track in focusing whole heartedly on my career and taking every opportunity available, but I also think it is important to have other things going on in your life. That is where I currently lack. I would like to take a yoga class, a dance class, paint more, hike/run more, and see my friends! How does one find the time? I know, you’re supposed to make time. But, still, how do you do that? Or do I just need to be content with not having a life for a little but while I get this career on a roll?

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