Oddest Audition Locations

28 Jun

Let’s say you have friends of friends who are actors. Maybe your boyfriend’s an actor. Maybe you’re an actor… Or, maybe, you’re “D: All of the above.”

I have heard of and/or experienced a number of really curious audition locations over the past year or so and thought I’d make a list of them:

  • dance complex (for a movie audition that has nothing to do with dance)
  • 3rd floor of the food court in a westfield shopping mall
  • the recreation/common area of an apartment complex
  • the media studies room in an elementary school
  • random house in a random residential neighborhood (creepy… no, I did not go in)
  • the gym at a high school located in a church (boy was I confused… and I don’t even submit for student films anymore!)
  • the lobby of a casting office on a film lot (not the strangest, but still odd nonetheless)