CD Workshops, Worth It?

19 Feb

One of the great actor-friendly resources out there is this daily newsletter, Alex’s Info, and on it the other day was this cool list, which proves that Casting Director workshops may be worth it.

I know it seems kinda icky to have to pay to be seen, essentially, but I like to look at it as a valuable learning experience with the added bonus of a chance to be called in to read. I don’t see it as a guarantee and I try to not even think about that part while in the class. When deciding whether or not to do a workshop, however, it couldn’t help to do a little research to see if that particular CD tends to call in from their workshops:

  • Scott David with Criminal Minds
  • Eric Souliere with UDK casting
  • Allen Hooper with Jeff Greenberg Casting
  • Danielle Aufierro with FMW
  • Jessica Disla with FMW
  • Stephanie Laffin with David Lippens casting
  • Lisa Soutlau with Juney Lowry Johnson
  • Andy Henry
  • Dan Shaner with Shaner/Testa
  • Kari Audino with Shiff/Audino
  • Jami Rudolphsky
  • Kendra Castleberry with Donna Rosenstein
  • Marni Saitta with Days of our Lives
  • Felicia Fasano
  • Betty Mae
  • Todd Sherry with Patrick Rush casting
  • Kelli Lerner as an independent CD
  • Lori Sugar as an Independent CD
  • Mia Levinson
  • Kari Kurto with Dava Waite casting

Also, a fellow Theater of NOTE member, would add to that list:

  • Arlie Day (Bacharach – O’Neill)
  • Paul Webber

3 Responses to “CD Workshops, Worth It?”

  1. Mike Vaughn July 22, 2010 at 3:57 pm #

    I’ve done about 10 workshops so far and only the one with Eric Souliere got me called in a month later. Got the callback too but didn’t book. I do like Eric’s no-nonsense approach.

    And yes, I have a great theatrical agent, so that helped too apparently.

  2. Nina Harada July 23, 2010 at 1:08 am #

    Thanks, Mike! That was helpful info– good to know!


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