Shoot Me in the Head-shot

3 Feb

So I’ve been really stressing this week because Friday I will be getting new headshots done.

I hate taking headshots. I hate getting my make up done. I hate picking clothes. I hate choosing the “looks”. I hate getting my picture taken. But, it’s the bare bones necessity for making it in this industry. A good headshot is just common sense. So it’s time that I let go of the friends with expensive cameras and fork the dough over for professionals with expensive cameras.

I’ve done a lot of research in terms of who I want taking this oh-so-meaningful picture. After all, it’s going to represent me for the next couple of years. (Some people get new ones done once every 12 months! Personally, I think that’s a little excessive). I’ve surfed the web, via blog posts and message boards, viewing dozens of headshot photographer’s online portfolios. After a while, they all started blending together. This must be how casting directors feel when they look through thousands of online submissions!

All of them were ok I guess. Good lighting. Good composition. Standard headshot stuff. But none of them had that extra something that made me stop scrolling to the next one. Until… I found the guy I’m using. His pictures just popped. Everyone looked good. And not like, pretty or attractive good, but like intriguing and interesting good. Like theres something to this person. I want to know what it is. Not just, oh they’re sexy or beautiful or whatever. If I can walk away with a shot like any of the ones I saw on his site, then I will be one happy camper and spread the news.

Come Friday, after the shoot, and hopefully, after I’ve come away incredibly satisfied, I will share who it is. Until then, I don’t want to jinks anything. I know, ridiculously superstitious.