Reelly Annoying

27 Jan

As I am in the preliminary stages of getting together a new reel, I’m pretty proud of myself for the number of projects I have copies of. Granted, it took a lot of time and persistence to get what I really shouldn’t even have to ask for in the first place, but I have it nonetheless.

I’ve tried to make a habit of getting copies soon after I finish a project. I’ve learned the hard way that though it says “Copy, Credit, Meals” that can really just mean”Credit, Pizza” and those are the two things I care about least. Hell, you don’t even have to feed me- just give me my DVD! I hate how carelessly that phrase will be tossed around when I know that the only way I am getting that Copy is if I call once a week until it’s on my doorstep. But, hey, just another bump in the road. A part of the process. And one day,  I’ll be looking back on all this with a smile saying to myself “I remember when…”